From Paper to Print, Brindy

Written by: Brindy Epal, Contributing Author, The Forgotten Ones

When Natalie asked me to write about my life, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to remember everything.  I really didn’t like writing about my life because the things I was writing about were so heavy and brought back many memories - some good and some bad.  I started by just answering three questions she sent to me, and I thought that was enough.  Over the last few years, she kept sending me questions and I kept writing.  I cannot believe we are finished.  I was so nervous when I read it for the first time.  It’s hard to put your life out there in detail for everyone to read…

I never thought my life would be in a book or that anyone would care to read about it.  In the last year, I have started to realize how much my story can encourage people because of all that I have experienced.  Looking back, I am thankful that I pushed through the painful stages of writing and uncomfortable feelings to get here.

The first time I saw the book, it became real.  For years, it seemed like it was just an idea or a dream.  But when I held it in my hands, I started to understand just how big this could be and how many people God could reach through us.  At first I was embarrassed by my picture on the back, but it is so symbolic of the friendship I found in Natalie.

As I read the finished product, I couldn’t believe how much I had written and how much of my life I had shared.  I could see what Natalie was talking about all these years… my story and my healing process can help other kids like me.  God can use this book to show people how growing up as an orphan or a neglected child can lead kids to feel forgotten and unimportant in the world.

After I read the entire book, I was so encouraged.  I hope that people will take action, join us, and pray for the forgotten ones who are experiencing what I experienced so that one day they can find purpose in Jesus and overcome their personal struggles. Just like me, God can lead them to the right path so that they can see the light and understand who they are in Christ.


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